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Hi hi!

Did anyone happen to snag Simon on Radio 6 this morning?

My recorder decided to be a beast and only recorded 4 minutes of the 2 hour show I didn't get to listen to!

Problem solved! The lovely Beebs decided to put it on iPlayer after all! I have it uploaded here.

At any rate, I have Pegg and Frost on Edith Bowman from November 1st, if anyone's interested. Just their hour, not the whole show.

(And sorry for the overlap--I'm cross-posting to all Peggy comms!)
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Good Omens

New Hot Fuzz Fic: "It Takes All Kinds" - Ensemble - R

Title: It Takes All Kinds
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Characters/Pairing: Various, Nicholas/Danny
Rating: R (mostly for language)
Notes: mushroom18 wanted to know what the rest of Sandford thinks. I promised a snippet. This is more like a collection of snippets all strung together. There are a few voices missing, like Walker and the Turners, but I'm about to leave for a long weekend in Stratford-Upon-Avon and my brain's quickly shutting down. I hope I've included a varied enough sampling! I tried to push a bit outside of Sandford, even.
Summary: Perception is half the battle.

(It Takes All Kinds)
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+ 3 Billie Piper icons
+ 11 Doctor Who icons
+ 27 Spaced icons
+ 1 Doctor Who banner/header (spoilers for Planet of the Dead)
+ 1 Doctor Who wallpaper
+ 1 David Tennant, Billie Piper & Russell T Davies wallpaper


The rest is here. Enjoy!